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Daily Telegraph – The Fair Go For The West Rock Bus makes first stop at Flip Out Punchbowl

A PUNCHBOWL warehouse has become a night-time hangout for teenagers seeking a different kind of high.

Youth are flocking to Flip Out Punchbowl, with queues stretching out the bunker in the evenings in the six weeks it has opened instead of gathering in parks at night.

“They come, and have fun doing an exercise which is four times more effective than the gym, instead of drinking and they don’t even realise they are doing it,” flipper Anthony Piromalli, 17, said.

Ayman Hill, 17, who is studying business and commerce majoring in sports management, said the trampoline hub had a place in keeping kids off the streets, especially in Sydney’s west where there were not enough facilities targeted to angry, young men.

“They can be trouble makers. This keeps them out of trouble, they come and get all their anger out, they release their energy instead of causing trouble,” he said.

“I’m Lebanese, I’m part of that community, they come down, jump around, get the aggression out, they hang out and watch people do tricks. It keeps them off the streets.”

Childcare worker Hanan Elsammak, 17, said she had seen many friends turn to bad decisions.

“They just hang out on the road, causing trouble, trying to sneak into clubs,” she said.

“There should be more places like this, instead of them going out and being in danger, they come here.”

Mr Piromalli, 17, said instead of drinking or partying, teens were instead dedicating hours to learning how to flip, somersault or run up the walls.

“It also gives young kids an opportunity for employment, a good job with opportunities to learn skills.”

Flip Out store manager Sofi White said the store has surprised her with being so popular with youth, instead of the usual mum and bub crowd.

It opens until midnight on weekends, and hosts a flipping DJ on Friday and Saturday nights.

Flipper Dillon Jacombs, 18, of Penrith said teenagers who wanted to get a thrill came instead of going out.

“They work here, and they come here to train,” he said.

“This has given me so many opportunities, I was managing my own store at 16 years of age.”

Flip Out has been highlighted as a rising star for Bankstown youth jobs, which has an unemployment rate 2 per cent higher than greater Sydney at 7.6 per cent and they are currently hiring.

It hasn’t only drawn curious jumpers from the 15,000 strong crowd of Bankstown high schoolers, but also attracted youth from as far as the Shire and Camden.

It was the first stop on The Daily Telegraph’s and The Express’ Rock Bus tour today, as part of our Fair Go For The West campaign.

* If you spot the bus around Western Sydney, hashtag us with #fairgowest and attach your pictures.

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