Flip Out indoor trampoline arenas

School holidays aren’t over until you’ve been to Flip Out Prestons

Why run on a treadmill when you can have fun bouncing on a trampoline at Flip Out Prestons?

The indoor trampoline arena opened up in the green sports complex on Hoxton Park Rd, Prestons on Friday and has been buzzing ever since.

Franchise owner Brett Silk said a recent NASA study compared trampolining to running with the same heart rate and oxygen consumption. “Trampolining trumps running — 10 minutes on a tramp equates to more than 30 minutes running,” he said. Before opening the front door, Mr Silk sifted through more than 350 resumes. He whittled it down to a team of 25. “It was tough going through all the resumes we received … but the people with tramp experience rose to the top,” he said. “For more general duties, I looked for passion. You can teach skill, you can’t teach passion. “And we made sure that all our staff are locals. ”

Mr Silk said the arena is different to other play areas for children. “We wanted a place where children can play with their parents and they can get involved as much as the kids,” he said. Following on from a monster opening weekend, he is looking forward to the classes on offer in late May for children and parents.

There will be little ninja classes, adult exercise classes and even a mums and bubs class run during school hours, they are all due to start at the end of May.

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