About Ninja Class:

Flip Out has ninja classes for those who want to flip, twist, & move like a real ninja! If you have ever liked the thought of giving your child the opportunity of having the edge on physical competitions, it starts here in Flip Out Little Ninjas. With child development in mind, we train to achieve the following: balance, co-ordination, agility, left and right motor receptors helping the child react faster to prevent accidents.

As your child develops we encourage and teach them to complete tricks at their pace such as back flips, jump twists and as they develop and prove their skills they are rewarded with a different colour belt shirt starting with white and finishing at black.

Our Flip Out Ninja Trainers will teach the little ninjas to move like a ninja flipping off the walls and floor all while having a blast of a time. There is no fighting moves only flipping and agility so parents you all can feel safe when the kids get home. Parents are welcome to watch from inside the arena and participate in the first lesson. We are all excited to see Flip Out’s Little Ninjas bouncing into action soon showing off their new skills.*

*Please check with your local store for class times and availability.

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